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Where can I view your work?

If you want to see all we have to offer, stop in to our showroom to see a variety of working samples for you to operate and see. As for actual work we have done in people’s homes or businesses; We post many of our most recent jobs on the Recent Projects Page of our website. Another great way to view some of our work is to contact us to find out which local businesses we have worked in, so you can go in and take a look at some of our installed projects in person. Another option to keep up to date with our recent projects is to follow us on Our Facebook Page!

I need Blinds and Plantation Shutters in Orlando or anywhere else in Central Florida, Why should I buy from you in Kissimmee?

Our store in Kissimmee provides us with a perfect location in the heart of Central Florida, with all of the space we need to manufacture the best Vertical Blinds in Florida, but also positions us perfectly to serve the entire Orlando Area. While we would love to show you our wonderful showroom, and all it has to offer, we also offer Free Shop-At-Home Service throughout Central Florida. Schedule a Free Consultation today!

Why Choose Plantation Shutters in Orlando?

There are hundreds of reasons to choose plantation shutters for your home; including Style, Function and Durabitlity, but we are going to focus on two HUGE reasons to install Plantation Shutters in your home. These two reasons are Insulation Value and Property Value. We are focusing on these two reasons, because they are the two things that will make your shutters a GREAT INVESTMENT.

Let’s Face it, Here in Orlando, the heat in the Summer can be downright unbearable. A lot of older homes only have thin Single Pane Windows, which do very little to keep the heat out of the house. Window Treatments are your best form of defense in Central Florida for keeping your home comfortable year-round. Plantation Shutters have a HUGE advantage in this area, as their insulation properties are fantastic!

With an R-Value of 4.63, Woodlore Shutters are one of the most energy efficient window treatments avalable. Their energy rating is comparable to draperies with a premium blackout liner, which in most cases would prove to be much more expensive than plantation shutters. Plantation shutters block out 98% of light and heat that enter a room, which in Florida adds up to big savings on your electric bill. Window heat gain can account for up to 50% of your energy use every month.

Added Home Value. Because of their timelessness and universal appeal, Plantation Shutters are one of the few window treatments that actually add value to your home. Homebuyers and appraisers see the value of quality shutters, because they know that they will never need to be replaced, and because they will still look great in another 25 years.

Can You Repair My Broken Blinds?

That all depends on what type of blinds you are talking about! Lets go over a few!

Vertical Blind Repair- We offer a same day, in-store repair service on all types of Vertical Blinds. Just bring in the track, and we will “Re-Stuff It” for you, stripping out all of the old parts and replacing them with new parts, all while saving you money over the cost of buying a new track.

Horizontal Blind Repair – In most cases we are able to repair the components of a broken horizontal blind, however, we are unable to replace or repair any broken slats. In that case, due to the work involved with completely rebuilding the blind, it is more cost effective to just replace the blind.

Plantation Shutter Repair – Depending on the brand, we are usually able to accomodate most Plantation Shutter repairs. In most cases, we will ask you to email us a picture of the shutter and any damage it may have, in order to determine whether we can make the repair or whether the repair will need to be made by the original manufacturer.

What are some alternatives to Vertical Blinds on Sliding Patio Doors?

Many people do not realize that there are many other window treatments available for sliding doors other than vertical blinds. Some wonderful alternatives are Sliding Panels, Vertical Honeycomb Shades, Averte Natural Fold Bamboo Shades, Sliding Door Plantation Shutters, Grommeted Draperies, Ring-Top Draperies, and Pinch-Pleat Draperies. If you live in the Kissimmee – Orlando area, and are looking for a different alternative to vertical blinds on your sliding glass door, Schedule a Free Consultation today!

Have another Question?

Click Here to E-Mail Us any questions you may have about your next Blind or Window Treatment Project.

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