The History of US Verticals


In 1991, Ian and Margaret Scott bought a 3 Year Old Furniture and Window Coverings business. That company was Decora International/US Verticals. It didn’t take long to realize that the marketplace for furniture was rapidly changing into a commodity market, and that Decora wouldn’t be able to offer much in the way of a Unique Customer Experience. The Window Treatment business however was completely different. It was a personal business. One where you could sit down at a coffee table with a client, and design something truly unique for that person’s home. In 1992, Ian and Margaret shut down the Furniture business, and decided to focus all of their attention on making their Window Treatment business a success.


Vertical Blinds were reaching the height of their popularity, and having the facilities to manufacture their own brand of Verticals gave them an edge in the market, and allowed them to become one of the largest manufacturers of Vertical Blinds in Central Florida. As the 90’s winded down, the popularity of Window Treatments such as Horizontal Blinds and Plantation Shutters boomed. Ian and Margaret saw that the industry was changing and began offering custom manufactured 2” Faux Wood Blinds, and sought out some of the best Shutter Manufacturers in the world to work with. What was quickly discovered was that controlling the quality of the blinds that they were manufacturing themselves was easy. What they hadn’t realized was just how difficult finding a good source of Plantation Shutters was going to be. Having sought out a large number of Shutter Suppliers to work with, they quickly learned about all of the unique qualities of each brand. But, in doing so, they also learned about some of things that weren’t necessarily broadcast by the manufacturer. Refusing to lower their standards, they kept searching until they finally found a select number of Suppliers that fit the bill in terms of the quality they demanded. US Verticals has prided ourselves on only selling shutters that we can be proud of, and that our clients will rave about.


Today, in addition to providing high quality products, US Verticals has placed it’s focus on maintaining a superior customer experience. For years, Margaret and Ian lauded the effects that Customer Referrals had on the business, even when the economy wasn’t at it’s strongest. For that reason, US Verticals always aims to keep the customer at the center of every decision we make going forward. After all, we know that our customer’s experience is the key to any success we wish to have going forward!

“Your referral to friends and family is the greatest complement that we could ever receive”