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Vertical Blinds are one of easiest ways to personalize every room in your home. With hundreds of designs and colors to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding something that perfectly matches your style. From classic floral designs to modern leather prints, your imagination is the limit. Verticals are also one of the easiest window treatments to maintain. Hanging vertically they do not harbor dust, and being made of PVC makes them completely waterproof and simple to clean. We manufacture all of our verticals in our factory right here in Kissimmee, so you can rest assured that your blinds were specifically made for your individual window. We even come out to your house to measure and install FREE OF CHARGE!!

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Cyndy MaroonProvincial ColonialLeatherby PebbleBordeaux GoldRome AlmondWicker Marsh Green

Choose from over 500 Different Designs and Colors!

View our Sample Collection to view our 500+ Designs and Colors. Just Select the design you like, and choose from a variety of different colors in that design!

Vertical Blind Repair

Have a Broken Vertical Blind?

No Problem, Just bring the track into our store in Kissimmee, and we will completely “Restuff” it for you. This means we will reuse the outer aluminum track shell, but all of the components will be replaced, including new cords and new chain. But don’t worry, chances are the track we give back to you will be of a much higher quality than the one we give back to you. We use a track system that offers a few unique benefits; A self aligning carrier system, (So when the dog gets behind the blinds and throws them into disarray, you can just rotate the blinds twice, and they will be as good as new), a hardened nylon cord (To prevent fraying and eventual failure) and a PVC / Nylon Chain that will never fail (Steel chain rusts and will eventually seize up the rotating gears). But THE BEST PART IS, You will be getting back what is essentially a brand new track, for considerably less than it would cost you to buy a new one! And did we mention, this is a same day service!!

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We have worked hard over the years to try and build a reputation as the best Vertical Blind company in the Orlando area. We would love to set up an appointment with you to come out to your home and show you all of our Vertical Blind Samples and help you choose the right Vertical Blinds for your windows and Sliding Doors. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate, or visit our Showroom in Kissimmee.