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Roller Shades on the Coast

Our Selection Of Roller Shade Fabrics Is Second to None!

We currently offer over 500 Choices in Material for our Roller Shade collection. Choose from a beautiful array of textures and patterns featuring delicate lace, suedes, pleats, natural weaves, solar screens and much more to delight your senses. With such a variety of different materials you will be able to personalize your shade by color, texture, light filtration, and overall design. We even offer EcoView Shade materials which are PVC free and made from environmentally friendly materials.

Motorized Shades in a Beachfront CondoRemote Control ShadesElectric Roller Shades

Motorized Roller Shades!

Picture yourself sitting down on the couch, turning on the television, and picking up a remote to lower your new blackout shades. Or Even Better, What if you had a wireless wall switch so that you could have already had the shades down before you sat on the couch? Or Even better still, What if your shades were on a timer, and knew that you were coming home from work at 5:00, and made sure your living room was exactly how you like it before you even walk in the door? How cool would that be? Let us show you some of the cool new options available when it comes to motorized shades!


Select Your Roller Shade Fabric!

Take a look at our Roller Shade Fabric Showcase and find the perfect fabric for your roller shades. We have over 500 Shade Fabrics to choose from.

No ValanceCassette ValanceTop TreatmentSoft Classic ValanceFabric Wrapped Cornice

Your Valance Options

Customization of your new Roller Shades doesn’t end with picking out your fabric. You can also select from a variety of Valance styles. Would You prefer the traditional look of a soft fabric valance, or perhaps the modern flair of a fabric wrapped cassette? Would you prefer a 12″ Fabric Board cornice, or a Custom Top Treatment? Whatever your style, we have a shade to fit your home perfectly!


But What About My Sliding Door?

Why not consider Sliding Panels to match your Roller Shades? Our Panel Track System offers the benefit of using all of the same fabrics from our Roller Shade Collection, but in a design that slides from side-to-side, perfect for use on a Sliding Glass Door or even on a Huge Window!

Serving All of Central Florida

Whether your home is in Orlando, Kissimmee, or even Daytona. We would be happy to give you a free estimate on our huge variety of Roller Shades. Just Click Here to Schedule a Free Consultation today!