Sussex Plantation Shutters


There are shutters that decorate a home, and there are shutters that define a home. Borne of the finest basswoods and hardwoods, crafted by hand and finished with a rich palette of 18 paints and 32 stains, Sussex Shutters from Norman Shutters are truly fine furniture for your windows.
The refined elegance of the Sussex line is created by artisans who craft each custom shutter using mortise and tenon joinery, arguably the strongest joint in woodworking.

The assembled shutters then undergo a meticulous process that includes the application of five separate hand sandings and application of five coats of your ideal paint or stain. The result – an heirloom with a soft, lustrous surface more akin to silk than the rough-hewn shutters you see from other manufacturers.

Elegant, custom and completely unique to your windows – Sussex Shutters are the ultimate expression of gracious interior design.

Benefits to Using Sussex Shutters

Consider these reasons to choose Sussex Shutters over other window coverings:

  • Having been made using some of the finest materials that can be found, Sussex Shutters possess a truly elegant appeal. From start to finish, Norman Shutters have striven to ensure that Sussex Shutters are among the best shutters in the world. Something that can be clearly seen in their beautiful finish and hand-crafted components.
  • Better still, Sussex Shutters come in a number of both solid and stained colors so as to fit perfectly into their surroundings. Not to mention, the customization possibilities are endless via the selection of components such as custom louver shapes, hand carved rails, and various tilt systems, including motorization.
  • In utilizing a species of Teak for their construction, Norman Shutters has changed the game when it comes to Plantation Shutter materials. Traditionally a species of wood thought of as too expensive to build shutters from, Teak provides an incredible strength to the shutter, while also providing a finish like no other.
  • Part of Sussex Shutters’ long-lasting usefulness lies in the material of its louvers, which is something called quarter-sawn hardwood. In brief, this means that each piece has been cut along rather than across the grain of the wood, making it more expensive but also providing the shutter with unparalleled resistance to the cupping, twisting, and warping that often common in other wood shutters. It is also interesting to note that quarter-sawn hardwood is also smoother to the touch once it has been finished, making it that much more pleasing to the senses.
  • Likewise, the material used in the rest of the Sussex Shutters have been chosen for both fashion and function. For example, the core of each stile consists of multiple layers of wood bonded using heat, pressure, and the judicious application of Norman Shutters’ in-house adhesive. This extends each set of Sussex Shutters’ usefulness by making it impossible for its material to warp or stretch over time.
  • Norman Shutters’ concern for its customers can be seen in the construction of Sussex Shutters as much as their choice of materials. For example, all of the components of Sussex Shutters are joined using furniture-grade mortise and tenon joints, which can stand up to forces that would ruin lesser Shutters. Even their choice of a three point hinge is a testament to how well Norman builds their shutters.
  • Further evidence of the Norman’s attention to detail can be seen in how they take the time to condition the wood in Sussex Shutters based on the humidity of their intended destination to ensure the longevity of the shutter. This is a step that no other Shutter company in the world can offer.
  • Put together, these characteristics ensure exceptional value for a homeowner. Make no mistake, there are other Shutters that can be purchased for less, but the quality of Sussex Shutters in both unrivaled appearance and construction make them an incredible investment in the life of a home. This investment in a top quality Plantation Shutter is often clearly reflected in the resale value of the home.


Pool Room Shutters in Red Mahogany
Sussex Shutters in a Natural Finish
Sussex Shutters in a Wenge Stained Finish
Arched Sussex Shutters in Pure White
Sussex Shutters in a Red Oak Finish
Sussex Shutters in a Custom Matched Stain


Why choose US Verticals?

We know that you have a choice of who to purchase your shutters from, so why should you choose us? We believe there are several things that set us apart!

First and foremost, US Verticals was founded in 1988, meaning that we have had more than two decades of experience providing our valued customers with Window Coverings best-suited to both their needs and their preferences. Our length of time in business, we feel, is an unchallengeable testament to how we set ourselves apart in our industry. From the minute you contact us, our goal is to leave you knowing that we are here to help you make the perfect choice for your window treatments.

That said, it is also important to bring up the issue of installing Sussex Shutters and similar products. In brief, the installation of window coverings, window treatments, and similar products should be performed by people with both the expertise and the experience. This is important because even small mistakes in the process can lead to unsuccessful installations. In contrast to some of our competitors, our products are installed by people who have been factory-trained, and have years of experience installing shutters.

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Looking for a Different Shutter?

No two shutters are alike! Sometimes you need the stability and flexibility in design that only real wood can provide. Other times you may need a Shutter that has a Rich Wood Grain that accepts stain beautifully to give a beautiful finished look. Sometimes, you just need a shutter that is going to stand up to anything you can throw at it, figuratively or literally! Lucky for you, we are not a one trick pony when it comes to Plantation Shutters, We offer a variety of brands, finishes, and materials to design a shutter specifically for you. Take a look at our Types of Plantation Shutters page for more information on all the great brands we offer.