Plantation Shutter Transformation!

So, as you know, we love showing you pictures of all of the great projects that we get to work on. Well, today we wanted to try something different and bring you a video! It’s the first time we’ve taken you behind the scenes to see a Plantation Shutter Installation from Start to Finish. We hope you like it! We have been working on this Farmhouse one window at a time over the last 12 months. An awesome way to spread the cost out over a long period of time. We offer free installation on all of our Plantation Shutters, whether you buy them for 1 window or for the whole house. We really want to make the Shutter-buying process as easy as possible. These Stained Wood Shutters were chosen to match the pre-existing trimwork in the home. We went with an Auburn Stain, since it was a near match to the existing stain. The trimwork is all original in the home, so finding a shade of stain to match was tricky, since all of the windows have aged differently. We think the Auburn was the perfect choice. We hope you like our video! Be sure to check in with us on Facebook and let us know how you like it!