Lake Nona Plantation Shutters

    The owner of this beautiful home in Lake Nona chose a beautiful variety of Norman Normandy Wood Plantation Shutters, Woodlore Composite Shutters, and 2" Faux Wood Blinds. The Arched Shutters were done in a beautiful Silk White Painted Wood Shutter, designed with a single arching frame, but a sunburst to give the arch some architectural detail. For the other rectangular windows, the client chose Norman Woodlore Shutters, a great option to match the arched wood shutters exactly, but save a little bit on the budget in the process. The nice thing about the Norman Shutter line is that no matter what type of shutter you choose, whether it be their Wood Composite, their Vinyl Composite, their Lightweight Hardwood, or their Teak Hardwood Shutters; each product line offers the exact same frames and colors, to make matching windows in different shutters a breeze! In the guest bedrooms and along the back doors in the loft, the client chose our Custom Manufactured 2" Faux Wood Blinds. The homeowner was very happy with the end results and so were we!